Making Healthcare Smarter

Providing World Class Innovation in Healthcare Solutions for Patients and Healthcare Providers

Area of Expertise

Neurostic Specialises in Using Cutting Edge Technology to Revolutionise Healthcare Services and Products

Clinical Decision Support Systems

Aiding Healthcare Providers in Making Well-informed Decisions using Machine Learning

Active/Passive Bionic Prosthesis

Non-invasive Limb Prosthetics Helping Amputees Carry Out Everyday Tasks With Ease

Fitness and Healthcare Monitors

Using Mobile Sensors to Acquire Fitness Data from Patients to Determine the Effects of Everyday Stimuli

Data Analytics for Healthcare Applications

Processing and Analysing Data to Predict Impacts on Patient Health and Aiding Medical Research


Achilles X
Achilles 1000
Elderly Health Management System


Neurostic has been recognised internationally on international platforms.


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Asad Raza

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Abrahim Shah

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Furqan Ahmed

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